Cross Border Routing
  • I use the Android Version of the software. I cannot route from Chemnitz, (East-) Germany, to Brest, France (Brittany). Maps installed are Germany (complete), Luxemberg, Belgium and France. Any reason for that?
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  • is your destination in Brest STADTZENTRUM (TOWN CENTRE) ?

    I tried it with that parameter and I couldn't get a route either. But when I changed to a street near that place, routing is possible.

    It may be, that STADTZENTRUM (TOWN CENTRE) is not accessible with motor-vehicles on openstreetmap.

    It tried routing with NavigatorFree PC-Version.

  • The reason could be, that there's no defined town centre for Brest in the database of OpenStreetMap. I found just city borders.
    And so it's not accessible. Try any POI like mainstation or so. Another solution could be, to let you show Brest on map and then point any road in the city. On top of screen a icon-menu appers and there you should point the target-flag to define this as your end of routing.
  • STADTZENTRUM! How could you know!? It works without STADTZentrum. Thanks!

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