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  • I just started playing around with the Navigator 11 Free which has been proven to almost be the perfect solution for my car computer.  I would be interested in buying the full version especially for the better maps and remove the start up warning. Though I would like to request a few features first. 

    1.  Disable Navigator's Menu and Screen Menu- My computer doesn't use a touch screen, keyboard, or mouse.  It uses a small 7 function controller. Because of this, the provided menu system is almost useless.  I would basically build my own if I could have access to a few more serial functions.

    2.  Serial Commands for the built in GeoCoder - I think it would be handy to have Navigator return GeoCoder commands for the geo coder.  Like I can send it. 

    • $geo_coder=state;K; and it will return a list Kansas, Kentucky, etc.  or...
    • $geo_coder=state;Kan; and it will return the list Kansas.  Same for Postal Code, Country, Street, etc.

    3.  Allow Serial Commands for 'Actions' - Instead of having hotkeys like...

    • <vkCode>13</vkcode>
    • <action>ZoomIn</action>,  

    I think it would be better to send serial commands.  

    • $action=ZoomIn;  returns current zoom number.
    • $action=ZoomOut; returns current zoom number.
    • $action=MoveUp; returns 0/1.

    Something else that would be nice, but not entirely necessary would be the ability to control how far it moves.  Currently when using the 'MoveUp' command the map jumps quite a bit rather than smoothly scrolling like it does with the mouse.  Same thing happens when zooming.

    • $action=ZoomIn;1;  returns current zoom number;
    • $action=ZoomIn;0.5;
    • $action=ZoomIn;3;
    • $action=MoveUp;1;  etc...

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  • The old Navigator 11 for Windows Mobile did provide TCP/IP and serial commands, but I dunno (and i _want_ to know) if that is possible with the Android versions of Navigator (free or paid!)
  • It is not possible in Android version 0.11.x, but it will be possible in 0.12.x which we will start to test by the end of this month (Oct 2012).

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