destination:lanes issue
  • there is an issue with the destination. I come from the bottom in this image and have to make a (slight)right turn in direction "Karlruhe Stuttgart". But Mapfactor displays the directions for the middle lane, which goes also to other directions so Mapfactor displays what I have indicated in the image below.
    By the way, the destination display looks pretty cool

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  • Can you give me please the way ID/coordinates to simplify searching for that particular road/crossing?
    found it
    | 205823695 | 2158082313 |     446886 | destination:lanes | Reutlingen;Tübingen;Nürtingen|Reutlingen;Tübingen;Nürtingen;München;Kirchheim u. Teck;Karlsruhe;Stuttgart|Karlsruhe;Stuttgart       
  • oh, and I have a question with regards to this....
    How do you expect destination:lanes for a plain vanilla motorway exit with has only destination names for the exiting lane but not for through lanes? For example two through lanes and one exit lane
    i) destination:lanes=||ABC-City
    ii) destinantion:lanes=none|none|ABC city

  • OK, in this example the lane assistant works correctly. There are two roads from node 446886 so it is easy to decide which one is through and which one is slight_right (the tag turn:lanes = through|through;slight_right|slight_right)

    In this particular case we could use left lane "through" destination info for "blue sign" if you go straight and right lane "slight_right" for sign to turn right. We use the first record where particular direction is found, which is now the center lane. It can be fixed in this example, but I am afraid that it is maybe impossible to split the text in general?? Also the center text is not concatenation of the left+right, and would need context of following exit.
  • Well, but if you turn slight_right, then it is not good to take the destination names from a lane that is tagged "through;slight_right" and potential have destination names for both; slight_right and through in this case. There is a lane which is tagged "slight_right" only and which has the correct destination names for right turns.
    I would only take the destination names from a lane with more than one destination (here through;slight_right) if no lane exist which goes only in turn direction.
    In this example here, Mapfactor displays the name for every direction (straight, left and right) that can be reached from this point.

    I understand that it would be very complicated to find a logic which displays the center lane destination names my example it should be only displayed when I go through and shortly thereafter turn slight_right (heading left via the curve in München direction). Following the logic above, it would display the through only lane name, which is correct although not 100% complete.

    Just fyi.... Here the google aerial image
    Such roads where lanes split in two directions are quite common in my area
  • FYI "Karlruhe Stuttgart" (the first post) should be fixed now, i.e. you should see correction in Oct 2013 data. [unfortunately probably not much more now :( ...]
  • Oh, thank you! That's really great. I am still thinking how to better tag ways with more than one direction (middle lane in above example) as I understand that is far from being perfect. May I ask what you mean with "unfortunately probably not much more now" ? Not sure I understand
  • I wanted to try some "micro-routing" in neighborhood of the way with tag lanes info, but October planet will be probably available tonight, so maybe more progress in November data ...

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