Getting coordinates of CRtgClass (OCX) route nodes
  • Hello,

    For the application i am developing i would be highly useful for me to retrieve the longitude and latitude of the nodes returned by the routeNextEdge of RtgClass. Is there a way to retrieve the longitude and latitude based on the DataId?
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  • Hello ArjanB,
    what version of OCX do you have? It is not possible to get exact coordinates but you can get approximate coordinates of the whole route. Would that be sufficient?
  • Hello Martin,

    I currently use the latest version (included with navigator 12).

    I converted the azimuth to radians and then calculated the next nodes position based on the start longitude and latitude based on the distance between the route nodes. The problem that occurs (obviously) is that even tho the distance given is for example 1000 meters, this is never a straight line. The calculation is. So over an entire route, the positioning gets more and more off. Over lets say, 60 nodes, the precision is far off.

    Or is there a more accurate way of doing this?

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