TomTom Map On Device Factory Reset?
  • Hi There,

    I've purchased the U.S. TomTom maps for the Android version of Navigator on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1.  I'm considering upgrading the Android OS on the device with a later version via CyanogenMod.  This will wipe the device entirely, and it will no longer be running a version of Android adulterated by Samsung.  How do I preserve my purchased map(s)?

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  • Hi Jim,
    after update install Navigator free, run it and then email logs (navigator/log folder) and your order ID.
  • Okay.  Thanks, tomas!


  • I have a "Transaction ID" I received in an acknowledgement of my PayPal transaction.  Is that what you mean?

  • It came up with a requester when I tried to run it.  I put in my email address and the aforementioned "Transaction ID" and got back "this may take up to 24 hours."  Okay.  But then I went back in and... the thing won't even let me use FREE maps?


  • please use email for support
    free maps should be available, if you downloaded them
  • So the thing that comes up and asks you for the email address and transaction i.d. doesn't actually do anything?  In that case perhaps you should remove it from the application?

    You still want me to email that transaction i.d. and the logs to... where?

    And, no: It will not run at all.  It comes up with the map choice screen, I choose "Navigator Free," then a dialogue "! Navigator: Invalid key.  This is often caused by an upgrade to the android operating system. Do you want to resolve the issue?"  If I answer "OK," it takes me to a dialogue requesting my email address and Order-ID."  I enter those, touch "OK," and it exits.  That's all it will do, now.  And, yes: I have OSM maps for Michigan, all adjoining states, and Canada.  Or had them, anyway.

    I ended-up having to install a different off-line navigation system, as I was going somewhere, yesterday, and needed one.


  • email is support (at)

  • I have an email this morning from the RT, saying I should be good to go.  Looks like a result of my responding to that dialogue?

    I'll let you know after I get home this evening.


  • Okay, that worked!

    Received an email from MapFactor's RT, telling me to restart Navigator, specifying the paid-for maps.  Again got a "key error," answered "Yes" to "Do you want to correct this?"  That again brought up the email address and Transaction ID requester.  I again filled those in, only, this time, doing so resulted in validating my license and letting Navigator work again.

    Yay! \o/


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