Places using place=hamlet or locality is not included
  • I've noticed I can't find any places that have been tagged with this. Would be nice to have them.
    Any reason why they are not included?

    Thank you.
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  • I think that they were misleading in UK ... but with the change of search near "city center" we could put them back. Is it issue in Norway or some other country?
  • Please dont forget place=isolated_dwelliing.
    You should consider, to handle such placenames like streetnames

  • By following the guidelines in the OSM wiki there are a lot of places that would be classified as hamlets in Norway. Even isolated dwelling as rab points out.

    Due to the low population of only 5 million, we do not follow the wiki completely.
    Cities down to a population of around 40k are set as cities, and town is used on places down to around 5k.

    Complete list at:

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