Actual traffic information
  • Hi,

    Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Slovakia and Poland have Traffic Information System about car accidents, traffic jams, closed roads, etc.
    Actual information is transmitted by RDS-TMC system via special radio canals and by XML (it is free, but must be contract for getting this information) 
    I understand that other states around world have many these systems and formats, but is it possible implement some piece of code, that parse actual xml data and mark critical areas as forbiden, so navigation recalculate right way?
    Maybe these information should be inside openstreetmap - it could be easier like solution...

    Thx for ideas...


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  • Hi Frank,
    thanks for starting this discussion. I do not know the XML format from, but I suppose that it is based on TMC locations. This data is on OpenStreetMap currently available only in Germany (table D01). This may change with new formats for transmitting location info like OpenLR.

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