Bluetooth headset strange behaviour (no correct standby)
  • Hello,

    I am using the android navigator app with a bluetooth headset for my motorcycle.
    The bluetooth connection works fine, but I have a strange behaviour.

    As soon as I start a navigation the headset will turn on after any activated sound (first spoken direction). Then it turns into standby when the voice instruction has finished (in my opinion this is correct, so the headset can save battery). But the headset instantly wakes up again after it turned to standby and makes a quiet noise. This noise seems to be just some general noise, which comes from the connection. Its not sended by the navigator. I hear that noise too, if I don't use the navigator and activate some short sounds. Instead of silence I hear that noise until the headset turns into standby.

    There must be something in the navigator that keeps the headset awake. I think this is intended to avoid instructions that get cut (because the connections will loose a little bit of the transfered audio when the headset has to wake up first).
    I think that is no good solution, because it eats the battery of the headset. In addition it doesn't really avoid cutting. Sometimes the headset will go to standby and then the instrunction is cut.

    Does anyone experience the same as me?
    Is there any solution for that?

    Wouldn't it be better to let the headset go to standby and wake it up with a special signal before each instruction? This signal should be only turned on if bluetooth is active. For normal navigation this is not needed.
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  • As far as I know there is no such a regular "wake up" sound used in Navigator. Can you test if it is related to settings prevent display from suspend?
  • I just tried to switch the "display allways on" setting. Doesn't change anything.

    Some interesting fact is:
    This "wakeup" activates as soon as I start a navigating. Then it will stay on, even if I stop the navigating. I have to close the app to stop the "wakeup".

    I don't think the app is sending a sound. What I hear is (background)noise that sounds normal to me for a active bluetooth connection. I can hear the same noise when I stop a normal sound until the headset turns into standby.

    I thought the gps module might cause that problems. But then this noise should start as soons as gps is activated (so on startup of the app) and not only when the navigation starts. So I don't think gps can be the reason.

    I just tried navfree to compare. There I don't have that problem. But it uses the ringtone channel and not the media channel for sound. Thats the difference I can see.

    But: I just tried google maps navigation too and it works as I would expect (correct standby after instructions). And this one sends correct through media channel as mapfactor navigator does too.

    So there must be something that gets activated as soon as navigation starts, which causes the headset to stay awake all the time.

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