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  • i came across this the other day and thought it would be better than looking at a small satnav , first i thought wow this is brilliant i drove around for a while and then started to notice there are alot of roads not within this program . but then i couldnt understand why it had new buildings and streets on here but not older streets ?? thankyou i still think its a brilliant program

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  • This is primarily issue of source data from OpenStreetMap - the coverage is not 100%, but everybody can edit it, add new streets, buildings, POI, etc. For many countries are some data imported from other sources, but not necessarily streets. Feel free to record NMEA and add missing streets with JOSM editor for example. The next month you will have better map ...
  • Dear Munsky,

    What u can do is log on to and register first. After confirmation, log on and go to edit map mode. Now you can edit the area not covered in your country map. Also u can add some favourite locations like - shops, supermarkets, religious places, schools, car parks and even residentioal roads -all with name tags. Sooner or later Martin would update the maps, so you and all users ma enjo the facility added. Also someone else may too edit and correct any errors later on.

    For my country, I did all needed changse for my commonly visiting places which did not covered my existing maps. I strongly believe that I may be able to get an updated map soon for my country too .... (last update was on Nov 24t, and made changes on Dec.

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    Dear Martin,

    How often u update the maps? My version is MapFactor free 10.1.21 on hp-PDA with WM 5.0. Is it ok to inform you after making some modifications to open street maps?



    Sanjaya, Colombo, Sri Lanka

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