Program crashes when showing/searching Slovenian maps
  • Hi to everyone.

    I'm experiencing a weird problem with Navigator Free's Slovenian maps: the program suddenly crashes if I try to zoom on Slovenia. The problem happens when I zoom enough so that main roads turn from green to yellow lines.
    As long as I keep at "green lines" level, no problems, when I zoom forward then the program is closed immediately.
    This happens only if even a tiny bit of Slovenian territory is showed; I can move around the map of entire Europe, I can zoom at any level, but Slovenia seems to be no fly zone :-)

    The same happens while searching an address: in the countries list Slovenia is showed correctly, if I choose it the Slovenian cities list is showed, but if I choose any of them the program crashes.

    I tried to completely uninstall both program and data, and download them again, but nothing changed.

    Is this a corrupted update?
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  • Hello, I believe this is a corrupted download - to fix that you have to delete slovenia mca file, and download it again. If you could send me navigator.log.txt I could tell for sure.

    I suppose you are using older 10.1.x setup utility for download. I suggest to use newer version (10.2.x - see which would also check MD5 of downloaded files. For slovenia_osm from 20110311 it should be 2985787 bytes long and MD5 d8e521f6f615e9f2ad03619128e63a4b
  • Thank you Martin, the new Setup works nicely (Slovenia too). At the moment I've tried it on another machine; as soon as I will work on the bugged one, I'll try to fix it and will let you know.

  • I can confirm I had the same problem when my file for France was not correct. As soon a city for France was selected the program crashed
  • Meanwhile I tried to correct the corrupted download on the original machine following mdx's procedure, and everything went in the right way. Very well!

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