Basic settings disappears
  • Hi, I've recently purchased Navigator 11 (PND
    Version 11.0.56
    ) and I have some question concerning some settings with plain map display;

    * I have to set volume level every time I start navigation ( it is n my car WinCE 6.0 OS device), default is always top level, is it correct ?

    * map scale has to always zoom in , it doesn't remember previous zooming ?

    * three columns/bars at the bottom, they don't stay in values I set them once, but always return as; direction/altitude, n:o of satellites and speed. 

    All aboves I've expect to remain as I've set these once, it is kind irritating to set up every time to jump in car.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi KLi63,
    this looks like your device does not save settings.xml file. Do you use menu/Exit or just "power switch" (which cuts power to the device)? What device do you have?
    thank you
  • Hi Martin,

    it's a no-brand chinese gps-multimedia and usually just turn it ignition-off from car key. Device has two power inputs; yellow from battery (continue) and red from ignition, so device is operated only during ignition on.

    Rest of settings (from Menu) remains the set ones, but these disappear as I told. Should I act differently?



  • Hi Martin,
    now it got it ;)
    After placing settings I exit program through Menu and VĂ³ila, settings remains as they should.

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