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  • Hiya all, Newbie here... Just downloaded the android version and Im impressed with the features for a free version. I also downloaded the China map that seems to include the HK map but it's very rough and not detailed at all. The China map is a mere 30MB for such a big country. I checked and they have a very detailed map just for Hong Kong, but it's in XML format. Is there a way to translate XML into the MCA format. Can anyone point me into the right direction or is the Hong Kong map already available in MCA format? Thanks a lot! Marc

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  • Hi Freewilly
    Hong Kong is very detailed in Navigator free, it is the same as you see in OSM. What are you missing?
    There is no tool for users to process data.
  • It seems for example there is no address data or POIs that I can search for. It always defaults to China and I cant even select Hong Kong as a city. It just seems to be so small to have 30MB for all of China... The HK map on OSM seems bigger than that. Am I wrong? Is ther a way to just download the Hong Kong map on Navigator free? Thanks a lot, I appreciate!
  • OSM maps are not compressed, so they would be a lot bigger, up to 10x bigger.
    which POI are you seraching for? Could you give an example?

  • Hey Tomas. I can't search ANY POI, doesn't matter what.
    Even looking for the city center called Central doesn't work...

    When I search for something, I have to enter the country. And it only accepts China.
    Under City I cannot choose Hong Kong, as it's not in the list.

    I really think Hong Kong and China should be separated, as it's not really the same country. HK is part of China but it's considered a Special Administrative Region with it's own legislation, currency, law system, police etc. And it's not possible for motorists to cross borders without special permits.

    My map on Sygic is 145MB for HK alone. That map is also compressed.

    Thanks a lot for your assistance!
  • Please note that we do not make maps, it is supplied to us by other mapping companies. OSM have HK as part of China, so that is how we process it. Teleatlas have it separately so we can sell HK with TA maps also separately.   I do not know why HK from Sygic is so big, the same map data from us is just under 5MB.
    If you look for street, HK is listed as a town under China (free maps), in POI for some reason not, we will look at this.

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