Biking and Hiking (Trails)
  • The original OSM-Maps contain a lot of biking/hiking-trails.
    Is it possible to make them visible in "Navigator Free" i.e.
    by changing some parameters in ""?

    Additionally it would be perfect if they could be usable
    for navigation in the pedestrian-(biker)-mode.

    P.S.: Right now the footpaths (minor roads) have the colour blue
    and can be easily mixed up with small rivers ...

    Thanks in advance for your help - Wolfo
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  • You can use default colors - I think that blue ones are only in UK color scheme??

    Regarding the trails - if they have tag "highway" you should see them in Navigator and be able to compute route. If there is some global description like recommended trail from A to B than this is not converted yet.
  • Thanks for your advice regarding the colour-scheme -

    I see the biking/hiking-trails now - as you wrote they look like highways

    and they act like them when navigating by car

    To bring more clearness in what I mean I attached the 2 follwing screenhots -
    1st is Navigator Free - the 2nd is the "offical" OSM-Map.

    Maybe there is a way to make the difference between trails and highways
    also visible in Navigator Free:

    Kind regards - Wolfo

  • I see - this is some other problem (!), sorry. Long time ago (several months) we added different drawers for footpath and stairway. Can you please delete your and (on PC in
    "c:\Documents and Settings\USER\Application Data\Navigator\11.0", on PDA/PND next to the application), so it will use newer defaults?
    I hope this will help
       please, let me know - thank you
  • Thanks, I did it and the footpaths are marked red now which is
    in any case much better than blue or grey ;-)

    Anyway I would prefer the dotted lines used by OSM-Standard (screenshot above),
    so that footpaths or biking-trails cannot be mixed up with any kind of highways -
    what do you think about it?

    Kind regards - Wolfo
  • You can experiment with and ... but these files become too big and may need revision. Not all drawers are possible ... but you may try it.

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