Limit on POI creation with DiggerQT
  • hello

    i'm generating POI files with DiggerQT from excel-files. They contain about 250 points. the creation of the .mca file runs without any error, the final message is:

    Output path is 'E:\Garmin Maps\Digger\digger11_110712\import\Baltikum.mca'

    [Step #1 of 5] : test 254 objects for reading...

    Importing 254 objects

    [Step #2 of 5] : divide objects to plots...

    [Step #3 of 5] : retrieve objects positions and indices...

    [Step #4 of 5] : put objects into the tables...

    [Step #5 of 5] : put objects into the graphic entity files...

    1 icons copied.

    Imported data was packed to 11.3KiB ( to 26.1 percent ).

    Import finished

    However when running Navigator FREE i can see only the first 100 points. What is the problem?

    regards yogi

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  • Hello yogi,
    you see 100 points in the search? That's default limit - if you type some letters you should be able to get them all. Or are they missing in the map?
    thank you
  • Hi Martin

    a) I saw only 100 points in the search, I did not know about the limit. By typing some letters I can see all of them.

    b) I was missing some of them on the map. Some others were in the middle of the sea, in Google Earth they were on the right spot. I have been searching a little bit and read something about special characters causing problems. I had a few ">" and "<" signs in the table, after removal of them everything seems to be ok now.



  • :) great, you are welcome ...

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