Route calculation
  • Hello,
    the route calculation is with settings (fastest,shortest,cheapest) in Navigator Free always the same. Is the Navigator Free version not able to calculate different routes?
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  • Is it for car? For pedestrian it is the same, but for car it should be different.
  • Hello,

    the route
    calculation for cars is OK. It was my mistake because I added my own car to the
    program and probably made a mistake in the setting. Sometimes the program is
    hanging up itself. Would it be better to store the program-files on the
    SD-card? I also tried to install the CE-version of Navigator on my old PNA
    (Medion PNA 500 (T) – Windows CE .NET 4.2
    but even after I installed the Xania-file package in the Windows-folder and
    renamed Navigator-Files as mentioned on this forum, I could not open the
    program. So there are possible still files missing in my Windows CE. Is there
    somewhere on the Internet a site where I can find a detailed step by step
    instruction how to install Navigator on a device with missing files in Windows

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