germany_osm_east.mca is broken
  • hi all i'm new here and my english is realy bad  #-o sorry.

    ok now my problem is the germany_osm_east.mca file. i have updated all 4 files from germany

    (germany_osm_south.mca, germany_osm_north.mca, germany_osm_west.mca & germany_osm_east.mca)

    after that update via the Navigator 12 - Setup Utility tool my Navi from RoadNavigator dosn't work. i can start my navi but when i start the navigation function, than he loading and loading and loading but he don't finished. so i checked all 4 files and delete file by file and when i delete the  germany_osm_east.mca file from navi all is fine and he works perfect. i think the file is buggy or broken.

    i hope you can fix that or you can load a older version of this file on web. thanks for your time 

    my Navigator vers. is 12.0.14 (mobile Navigator)

    under windows CE

    Mapfactor 12

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  • please try to download it again
  • i download this file 3 times and the same problen  :-/ i think this file is buged 
  • Can you check the date/version of your germany_osm_east.mca in regions.dcf file? An hour ago there was
    capacity = 101032290
    md5 = 9b854b3952a8a0316e15b2e1ed7dce0e
    p.s. it could be that one of the download servers has a problem, so paste the whole URL ... thanks
  • ok my brother have a older file from his navi (before update) 16.01.2013 (82 mb) and this file works. i copy this file on my navi and he works great.  ;) . fact your new germany_osm_east.mca is buged 
  • thanks for fast help. now i'm waiting for a new file ;)
  • Please update your application (to 12.1.x or 12.2.x). With 12.0.x you won't be able to run any newer maps (since June(?) 2013).
  • Hmm where can update my Version from 12.0.14 To 12.1 er 12.2? 
  • The other 3 maps from germany works great and there are the last from mapfactor
  • Hello Mapfactor,

    the currently downloadable installer for Windows still installs the 12.1.10 version. No newer version is offered in available updates, neither in PC nor Windows CE version.

    Where can we get the mentioned 12.2 version.



  • Hi Uli,
    there will be update probably this week. The changes are mainly support for new TomTom data 2012.6 and some bugfixes.

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