Navigator Free - defective rendering of water areas (sunken islands, missing lakes)
  • I found a problem in the rendering of areas covered by water. On the one hand some islands are filled with water on the other hand some lakes aremissing. Here are two examples, both in Berlin, Germany. The exact position is a few posts further down.

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  • Hello matthias,
    thanks for report - in the first case it looks like the multipolygon Relation id=3396 does not contain island Schwanenwerder (Wayid=14662281). It does contain islet Imchen (Wayid=14662287) ... in this case I think it is an issue of source data, but I am not sure. Maybe islands automatically generate water boundary??

    In the second case it looks like the "water attribute" is set in Way id=10295991as well as in Relation id=5007. We use both and they cancel each other when drawing. This is MapFactor issue and it is caused by inconsistency of tagging (sometimes are tagged ways, sometimes relations, sometimes both and in worst case relation + some of the ways), and it needs some kind of post-processing.

    thank you

  • Thanks for the reply. I think all vector renderers that use OSM data struggle or struggled with that issue. Even Google Maps with its own database has some problems with water areas. 

    Mapsforge ( ) seems to have solved the problem though (

    Maybe this helps,
  • Hi Martin,

    I attached two more screenshots to show that this problem occurs more often than one might think. 

  • do you have coordinates? [I suppose the coordinate in bottom left corner are your current position]
  • Thanks for getting back so quickly. Here are the coordinates. If there is anything else I can do to help just let me know.

    1st screenshot Lat 52,44806 Lon 13,16913
    2nd screenshot Lat 52,48921 Lon 13,48503
    3rd screenshot Lat 52,37921 Lon 12,94258
    4th screenshot Lat 52,54853 Lon 13,21900


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