Auto-Rotation, possibility to deactivate?
  • Hey Guys,

    I started testing the MapFactor Navigator an my Samsung GS2 a few days ago and i have to say, that until now i like it very much. I have tested several Offline-Navigation-Solutions before, but this is really a nice piece of Software :)

    Nevertheless i have a question, and i didn't found an answer:

    Is it possible to deactivate the auto-rotation feature of the map?

    It would be nice to let the map stay static with north on top of my screen.

    Another small wish of me, is the possibility to configure the loudness of the voice of the navigator.

    On my SGS2 the sounds overdrive, even when the system loudness is down to 1%. I found some posts which deal already with this topic and i hope it will be on the future feature list :D

    i hope i have postet my questions on the right place and that someone can help me :)

    with kind regards Jan

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  • Hi Jan,
    I am not sure if you are talking about auto-rotation portrait/landscape (this setting is in Android system) or with GPS (icon on the right bottom corner switches between GPS centering and GPS centering+rotation).

    Regarding feature wishes - add them to Android Features Voting or increase value of already presented feature.
  • Hi Martin,

    thnx for your answer.

    the second part of your answer deals with the meaning of my question :) But this icon switches between (GPS-)following-mode and hand-mode (editing-mode?). In the first mode the gps position is centered and the map rotates so that the driving direction points up. In the second mode on my SGS2 the gps position is not centered... The small arrow, which indicates my position, leaves the screen. Where is my fault? What am i doing wrong?

  • I see ... you are navigating, so the mode switches between "driver view" (3D), "current position overview" (so you can click on info of nearby objects) and "route overview". What I was talking about was case then you stop navigation.
  • OK :) I suppose my explanation was not the best. Some confusion is explained in the way i use the navigation software. I use the "driver mode" in 2D. Thats why i want to deactivate the rotation.

    If I understand you right, at the moment there is no way to set a static map, with north on top, while navigation?

  • yes, you are right - currently there is no option for 2D navigation with GPS centering but without rotation, sorry ...

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