MapFactor Free prefer localisation "ntework" over "gps"
  • Hi,

    I usually have localisation "Network" and "GPS enabled on my Android phone (Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro). All other applications, usually other navigation apps and logging apps for OSM, take the GPS position. But Mapfactor is using "Network" position. The strange thing is that Mapfactor enables GPS...I can see the satellite data when I switch to the "GPS info" and the GPS symbol indicates a successfull fix but it does not use it, regardless how long I wait Only if I turn of "Network" position in the setting or switch to airplane mode I can use GPS in Mapfactor navigation
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  • Hi,
    see my comment in
    It could be that the network or GPS location provider does not set properly time (timezone?) so the program uses "newer" network position. If you can test the detail debug level for a short period it could help me.
    thank you
  • Hi Martin,

    thanks a lot for the quick response. I have created a short log with maximum details...see attached zip file. My phone setting say that it should use time and date as provided by the network provider...screenshot attached. I hope you find this helpful.
    May I also mention two othe things please?
    1) I have found a strange guidance. I am coming here from southwest at the B313 (trunk)
    Google Maps aerial image:
    The B313 ends there and you can go to east or northwest at the B10. I wanted to go to east. Although showing the correct direction on the screen (please see screenshot), it says "stay on this road" but not "take next exit in direction...". It was very confusing. The way to east is tagged as trunk_link, the way to goes more straight on and heading to north-west later is trunk.

    2) I have noticed that in countries which use a non-latin script also name:en is displayed when searching for adresses. Serbian and parts of Bosnia use dual scripts (name:sr-Latn= latin and name=cyrllic) but do not add a name:en to all names. A name:en is often only added if a real english name exist. Is it possible to add the latin script (name:sr-Latn=) rather than name:en (maybe like if name:en IS NULL and name:sr-Latn IS NOT NULL and name IS WITHIN Serbia)? Otherwise people can only see cyrillic names when searching for adresses which most people can not read. This is probably a question if a settings table for countries exists. The issue is more important in Asia, where the latin script name:xx tag can differ from country to country.

    Kind regards

  • Hi Thomas,
    first thanks for log - I can confirm that your GPS time is behind system and network time:
    datetime.datetime(2012, 5, 4, 10, 45, 13)
    DMP 12/05/04 10:47:09

    datetime.datetime(2012, 5, 4, 10, 46, 47)
    DMP 12/05/04 10:47:09

    Can you sync your time with network if it will help? Or could record it for a little bit longer? (say 5minutes)

    Regarding the first navigation question I will check what is the reason.

    About name:en - if you have application in English, you should see names in map in English (if available). If you search all languages are taken into account (for city/admin areas). In which language do you use the phone/application? [well, this should be discussed probably in different named thread]

  • HI Martin,

    I have no idea how to enforce a time sync with the network. My settings say that time & date will be automatically taken from my network provider.
    Please find below a longer log file requested
    I have read the feedback on the Google Market and it seems that this issue happens to some more users.

    Kind regards
  • Hi Thomas,
    thanks - yes, it looks like you have time synchronized with network provider and it is approx 2minutes ahead of GPS time:
    DMP 12/05/07 07:42:40  (JAVA) GPS::UpdateTask : [name=network, acc=1437.0, time=1336369359886
    >>> datetime.fromtimestamp(1336369359)
    datetime.datetime(2012, 5, 7, 7, 42, 39)

    DMP 12/05/07 07:42:40  (JAVA) GPS::UpdateTask : [name=gps, acc=4.0, time=1336369244000
    datetime.datetime(2012, 5, 7, 7, 40, 44)

    (115sec to be precise).

    We will probably modify the code to check only changes and completely ignore absolute time of both providers.
    thank you
    p.s. I used times when network position/time changed
  • p.s. can you try 0.9.100 which is on Google Play now - it should solve this issue
  • it works now. Thanks for the quick fix.

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