• Hello,
    working with diggerQt is a good extension of Navigator.

    I'm working with many gpx import-files for digger and the amount ist growing.
    Most of these files are working with the same settings e.g.  text styles, icon settings, max.icon zoom etc.

    Is it possible to copy these settings for a new import file ?
    Is it possible to specify these settings from within the gpx-file ?
    It seems digger is able to work with a config file. But I coudn't find it.

    Every help is appreciated.
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  • Hello Werner,
    this will require a bit of hacking:
    1) run again your import but on the last page uncheck the "Compress imported data" (in general it is not recommended but for this case it is necessary) ... instead of your MCA files you should see now new directory named by your import
    2) copy the directory with new name, and remove all files except digger_config.xml
    3) in "digger_config.xml" modify tag "name", "id", and "open_config" (the source)
    4) run digger and you should see new prepared import
    ... it is "a little bit" complicated, so I am not sure if it will help you

  • Hello Martin,
    thanks for your help. I've made some test. Seems to work great.
  • Hello Martin

    I had the same problem and with your help it works.

    One little question: what is the best editor to use? If I use the standard Editor modifying is not so easy.


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