download maps, free edition
  • i have tried to download maps but i get an error saying

    error downloading
    server replied: not found

    when i type the URL of the file given, it asks for a username and password.

    what am i doing wrong lol, im running the 10.25free beta.

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  • p.s

    all i am trying to download are the free maps on West Virginia, Ohio, and Indiana.
  • Ooops! - thanks your for report. We changed servers and did not properly update testing version 10.2.x. Now some regions.dcf files are corrupted so it is necessary to delete
    "c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\MapFactor\SetupUtility\regions.dcf" (if it is missing it will automatically use default from installation). Note that Application Data is hidden directory on WinXP. The problem should be solved within a hour.
  • still getting the file not found error.
  • update, i downgraded from the beta, to the one on the free homepage and can now download maps. must be a beta error.
  • There was another error (in the data tree) - it should be fixed now (USA date were computed more recently than what I tested).
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