Navigator Free - removing addresses
  • Is it possible to delete addresses?

    I've been playing around with it (and actually it is very good) but my address list is getting almost unmanageable.

    I'd like to be able to delete the addresses that are no longer needed, but I can't work out how to do it.
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  • Do you mean your Favourites? If yes, go into menu\Favourites Editor select particular item and press "Delete". If you mean something else please let me know.

  • Hi Martin --
    Not quite.
    From the main map screen click on the Search tab (the one just to the left of "Menu").
    A new screen appears with a series of tabs at the top.  To the right of the row that shows the country is a symbol that looks like a clock with wings.  Clicking on this shows a new screen with all the address that have been entered.  Mine list very big.
    Is there any way to delete the addresses that are no longer needed or where a mistake was make?
  • Hi Phil,
    I see - these are really "recent search". As far as I remember the default maximal size of the list is 10, and I believe that it is related to record in settings.xml "max_history" set to "10". Please, check that. Manually you can erase whole history ("search_history" folder). If you have PDA/PND it is next to application, for PC winXP it is in
    "c:\Documents and Settings\USER\Application Data\Navigator\11.0\search_history"

  • Hi Martin --
    Thanks for getting back to me.  It's appreciated.
    I have a slightly non-standard custom Windows 7 installation which may, or may  not, have influenced the location of that folder.
    For anyone else interested, I eventually found the search_history at c:\Administrator\Application Data\Navigator\11.0\search_history
    It's an excellent product and fun to use, though the touch screen heritage is obvious.  Keyboard commands will be most welcome in the next update.
    Thanks again,

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