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  • Did something strange happen to the OSM of Canada?  I religiously performed the update and now I have "carte blanche!"
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  • Yes, there was a problem in Canada and also other countries. We experimented with lanes and it caused several failures, which we did not notice immediately :(. If you delete canada_osm.mca file and download it again, you will get data from Feb 2012. The March data (some countries) are currently recomputed and should be on update within a week.
    sorry for the trouble
  • Can you please check it now? It should be fixed (version=201203250).
  • I recently update my application and lost all of my maps, I getting errors during download and it ends randomly. I had this problem only with the Canada OSM, all eastern US worked fine.
  • our servers seemed to be fine, please try again.

    you can also download maps using our PC version:

    once maps are downloaded, copy them to your device, navigator/data folder.

  • I have problems with the latest build of Slovenia OSM (June 23, 2013) - program (v.12.0.14, Windows Mobile) hangs.

    When I remove this build and use older maps, including the last build before this, everything works OK.

  • please update to 12.1.x or higher (12.1.10 is available now)
    p.s. the problem is for 90% related to IHN (irregular house numbers) format extension
  • Thank you. But now - how can I get 12.1.10 for Windows Mobile?

    Fresh download of the Setup utility from (which reports itself as 12.0.5 FREE) doesnt find any Product updates.


  • Please delete already downloaded installation in
    "c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Navigator\12.0\Install" and then it should force it to download the latest version. If not please check regions.dcf what version is available there.
  • A tiny bug in the Setup utility, which doesn't recognise a newer version.
    Thank you.

  • I suppose mix of 12.0, 12.1 and 12.2 which are all in one "row" :( ... on our side. Thanks m.

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