Start aplication direct in navigation mode
  • Is there any chance to start application direct in navigation mode to given destination? 

    For example start application from command-line with parameters.

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  • You can start it with GPS automatically turned on, and then click on the car icon in the map. There are remote commands to start navigate to given destination, but no command-line parameters, as far as I know.
  • I have downloaded navigator free to memory card I am able to get it to run on my windows ce device but cannot select the maps i only get cameras lights. I have checked the files and the united_kingdom_osm.mca file is downloaded, can anyone help
  • @ martin, What you say has all been done but still no map display and @ johny3650 tried that too.
    I am at a lose any other ideas pls
  • Is "united_kingdom_osm.mca" on your memory card? Can you send me your navigator.log.txt file? It should be more clear from that.

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