GPS and COMport
  • Hello together, i have problems to connect my bluetooth GPS-receiver to NavigatorFree.

    On my PC everything works fine, but now i wantet to run this on my WinTablet. The problem there is: In the settings, the GPS is dedectet, it's got singnal and it locates the position. But if i confirm the GPS-settings, the position is not shown in the map. So i go back to the GPS-setting an there is no connection to the GPS-receiver. I can repeat the procedure but everytime it lost the conection to the receiver.

    So i looked into the NAV-Log-File. There the Connection is marked as succeded and a second later as disconnectet. Also i tried to work with other COM-Ports but it's even the same.

    What is the Problem with it. Can anybody help? Thanks 

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  • hello, i want to buy GPS navigator. Where did you buy yours? Can you give some advice? Thanks!

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