Already downloaded all the maps for PC Navigator. How can I use them in new install?
  • Hi, I have already used Navigator 11 and have already downloaded all the map .mca files and burned them to DVD. How do i use these files(ie where do i put them - file structure in the Navigator 11 folders) when re-installing Navigator 11 again as the Setup Utility program keeps downloading them again, rather than letting me find them on my hard drive??

    For some reason on my DVD i`ve got folders Data, Help, Install and Setup but nothing like that in the actual Navigator 11 install folder in C:\Programs.

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  • Why do you need DVD installation? Is it for OSM or TA data? If you need offline installation it is a little bit tricky and you will probably have to deal directly with setup_pc_navigator.exe. Distributed DVD contains extra configuration files for SetupUtility so you could switch of offline mode, but I am not sure what are you trying to do.

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