Setup Utility 10.2.x
  • A new version (beta) of Setup Utility for Navigator FREE is available for download now: [EDIT - link update]

    What's new?
    * the main menu is reorganized: you now manage map data separately for all products and it is now possible to download both commercial and free maps.
    * there is support for installation from a DVD (the first DVD will be available in the Czech computer magazine Chip 3/11 with maps of Europe).

    Reasons to upgrade:
    * if you have problems with the reliability of your Internet connection and your downloaded MCA files are sometimes incomplete or corrupted, then get the new version. It verifies the md5 checksum of download files and should detect this problem.
    * if you use a proxy server for Internet connection (the new version supports proxy settings)
    * if you have more computers and you would like download the map MCA files only once. Version 10.2.x can read version information directly from the MCA files, so you can copy/overwrite existing files and the correct version shows in the update. This can be especially useful when your internet connectivity is limited to one machine.

    Known issues
    * Translations are only not complete - if you would like to help, let us know

    * Version 10.2.x is prepared also for distribution of commercial maps. For this reason the default setup path is different to the previous version.

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