Navigator 11 Free - Crash after route recalculations
  • hi there

    After having used PC Navigator 11 Free for almost 12'000 Km, I have to report a problem. When deviating from the calculatet route, Navigator issues a message "Route is beeing recalculated" and at the appropriate position you get the message "Turn left". If e.g. in a town the selected street is closed and one has to use the parallel street, the sequence "Route is beeing recalculated" and "Turn left" follows each other in rapid succession. This can be so fast, that the message "Route is beeing recalculated" is interrupted by the "Turn left". This will be ok for a few times, but then Navigator crashes.

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  • "Route is being recalculated" has lower priority and thus could be interrupted by "Turn left" if necessary. Do you have navigator.log.txt from the moment when it crashed? I suppose that it is not related to playing sounds, but ..
  • No, but I will save it next time.

  • Hi Martin

    I'm back in civilisation and on internet. I have saved two files, ho can I add them as files to such a message?


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