Navigator free doesnt show all buildings
  • If you look here:
    you see two Hotels at Dublin Airport.
    But navigator free only shows them as POI-points. I guess the reason is, that the are tagged in OSM as building=hotel and not as building=yes. But OSM allows to tag buildingas that way (building=school, building=supermarket etc.). Is it possible to make such kind of buildings visible?

    By the way: all the terminals are unvisible, too.

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  • Hello Michael,
    it is exactly as you write: if 'building' in attr and attr['building']=='yes' then do conversion. So is it enough that there is a tag with key "building" and it does not matter what is the value? On I see that it should not be converted 'building'='entrance' ... is it the only exception?
    thank you
  • Hello Martin,
    it's also my state of knowledge, that building=entrance is the only exception. Also this key/value should be used on nodes only.
    There may be a "danger" for the future, if special tags grow for 3D-tagging as building=window or whatever. But I think, if there is a closed way with building=* you can be nearly shure thats an outline of a building.

    Good luck

    Edit: Maybe a deeper look here helps a bit: Its filtered on ways and it seems to be a "less than 4%-problem". 

  • Hi Michael,
    thanks for taginfo link - that's quite useful. The Ireland data is recomputed and will be on update tomorrow (ver120113). Backup the old MCA if you want to compare it. Beside building=yes a drawer was changed (from "industrial area" to "buildings" ...
    let me know if it is correct now
  • Hi Martin,
    thanks for information. I'll download new Ireland data and compare them on PC with elder version on WM 6.5. So a backup isn't necessary ;-)

    By the way: I found this bug by accident, when I prepared an Ireland-tour I plan end of May and compared original OSM and Navigator Free map.

    Have a nice weekend
  • Hi Martin,
    all the buildings I found with "building=(anything but yes)" are correct with outline now.
    So it seems satisfying to me.


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