MapFactor OCX11 Controls fails with 0x80040309
  • Hi All.

    Just installed Navigator 11 on WIndows 7 64bit.  With limited testing, the Navigator app works OK, but the OCX application fails when I try to select any mapset from the selection list.

    I ultimately want to include the OCX into my own app so I ned to test/exercise it a little to see if it does what I want.

    The error code 080040309 does not exist int he help but is defined in a TXT file as:-

    //   E_LICENSE_HARDWARE_MATCH_FAILED (0x8004030A)    - license key is hardware dependent and the hardware check failed

    I have a suspecion that it is 64 bit that is the issue - although I would have thought that Navigator would be build on the OCX and that works fine.

    I have looked for opportunities to "enter a license key" but there only seems to be the option on Navigator itself.

    Another odd thing...

    I've downloaded the UK maps for Navigator and they don't appear as an option in the drop down for the map view.

    So, it could be that the default map set (or the sample) that I'm choosing it not licensed or that the configuration files are not quite what they should be.

    The version of Navigator I purchased was the full oversion with the OCX support.



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  • Hi there.
    I have exactly same problem with Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard 64bit; The error code 0x80040309.
    Any advice?

    Kind Regards,
  • //   E_LICENSE_HARDWARE_NOT_ACTIAVTED(0x80040309)    - license key is hardware dependent and was not activated yet
    ... i.e. please activate your key or contact support -at- ... which you probably already did (?)

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