Ferries not considered?
  • Hi there

    I just startet to look into Navigator. It seems to be pretty good.

    When planning a route the program seems to ignore ferries, e.g. from Konstanz to Meersburg it shows the route around the Ɯberlinger See and not the direct route using the ferry.
    Where is the problem?
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  • The ferries are not integrated yet (routing is currently using network defined by tag 'highway' only). The more difficult issue is for ferries between regions, where the ferry should be complete and presented only once. It is in the plan but currently with lower priority.
  • Navigator 10 Free is an excellent program, I am trying it out now for two weeks and it works very good.

    There is a minor bug (both Windows Mobile and PC version 10.1.44):
    When creating (or modifying) a vechicle type, there are also speed limits for boat and train ferries. If I change any of these predefined values, they change to 0.
    I suspect that the bug has something to do with incorrectly setting/ showing urban and extra urban speed.

  • Thanks for the bug report - zero speed is fixed now but I would postpone application update till ferries will be in converted data.

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