Navigator 11 does not recognize GPS port in some WinCE 5.0 devices. But Navigator 10 does!
  • There is a Chinese GPS device which has been run with Navigator 9 and 10 successfully. But now there is a problem with Navigator 11; GPS port is not recognized! Program goes through the serial, IR and USB ports but does not find any GPS devices there. Even by setting the port manually by the port information existed when running Navigator 10 on that device, the port is not being able to used. What might be different there in GPS port handling between 10 and 11?
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  • Hello,
    can you first please check that you do not have configured TMC and messaging/remote commands? There could be conflict with the access to COM port.
  • Yes, I have checked those usual things all right. But now I have new info; Pocket Navigator 11.0.35 works but not 11.0.37. I have not tried 11.0.36, so, I do not know if the change is there already. I guess that I can sell the software version 11.0.35 this year, but I afraid the next year already when version 12 comes and probably will not work with all WinCE brands which those GPS devices have.

    Br. Markus  
  • there should be no difference between v11.0.35 and 11.0.37 in GPS settings - I think there must be a conflict  or incorrect settings
  • I have a chinese 4.3 screen gps that has Route66 on it and I accidentally put in the wrong sd card and it did a yformat from a previous gps I had and now will not access via USB. It starts up and gets to the "car" screen only.It has CE5 on it thats all I know,no other details are accessable.It has a similar Rom version to

    82 .AL.C3 020100V.

    Is it possible to bring back with software on the SD card?


  • If I underdstand you correctly, Navigator software was deleted from yoiur SD card and you want to re-install it. Is that so?
  • I confirm the problem with GPS detection on SmartGPS SG710 (WinCE 6.0) device. The GPS uses port COM7, 57600 bps. Automatic detection procedure of Navigator 11 searched COM4 and COM9, it did not search for GPS on COM7 port! It was also not possible to set it manually, since there was no COM7 on the selection list, which appeared later. The workaround of the problem was to manually edit settings.xml file:

              <friendly_name>SERIAL CABLE ON COM7:</friendly_name>

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