Roundabouts Bug?
  • Hello,

    please be patient. My english isnt that good.

    I use Mapfactor Navigator Free (11.0.35, german version).
    I have a question. When I come to a roundabout the voice sometimes tells me to "Turn Left". That means I have to use the 3rd exit. Sometimes it says "take the 3rd exit" or something like that. But not always...
    HERE it is using "drive straight on" (driving along the Wilhelmstrasse (coming from upper left)). But it would be better to use "take the 2nd exit". Actually the roundabout icon on the left shows me a "2" in the middle.

    There is another problem with roundabouts:
    When a roundabout has a pedestrian exit (like HERE) it is counted as an exit for a car. So it could say "take the 2nd turn" instead of "take the 1st turn"...
    But a car cant use a pedestrian street... So it shouldnt count this exit for a car driver. Maybe it isnt tagged correct in OSM. But this errors could be avoided by not considering these special "exits".

    But still: Great work!!! Thanks a lot!



    P.S: The PC-Updater uses something like "[ ] auswählen Sie alles" in the Update-Dialog. Sounds strange to me. I would be better to use: "[ ] Alles auswählen" (select everything)  or "[ ] Alle Updates herunterladen" (download all updates). :-)
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  • Hello Ando,
    the second reported problem is a bug - it is fixed now, so with the new update OSM pedestrian exits should not be counted.
    p.s. also thanks for German correction

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