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  • I would try to use the Italian TTS engine to implement the Romanian TTS voice. Is it possible to tell me where is the Italian file having the dictionary of the Italian words read by TTS engine ? Ca it be accessible for translation / tests ?
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  • The words for Text To Speech are in tts.xml file. If you copy say Italian section you can create Romanian TTS. If the words ordering is different you may need to change also navigation.xml configuration file. For PC both files are in "c:\Program Files\Navigator11\PC_Navigator\config". For PDA/PND they are next to navigator.exe
    p.s. if you send me your new files we can add it to all users ...
  • Than you mdx,

    I will try, and we will keep in touch :)

  • Dear mdx,
    please find the two files above:
    It contains all your languages plus Romanian TTS language. Functional and ok. All other languages are unmodiffied and functional. It would be nice to upgrade MapFactor with it. The romanian tts language wil be tested from now on. All new improuvements will be send to you if it is OK with you.
    To install: just overwrite the old files.
    Thank you for your precious help, and please receive my consideration for the beautiful piece of software named : MapFactor.
    PS- I am working on FREE ver. 11.0.35

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