Russian voice is broken for me
  • Navigation stops while navigation with russian sound, english works fine. Logs attached.
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  • The problem is probably:
    2013-07-28 20:37:03: EXCEPTION:
    2013-07-28 20:37:03:   DESCRIPTION: 0Hz is not a supported sample rate.
    2013-07-28 20:37:03:   STACK: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: 0Hz is not a supported sample rate.
            at com.mapfactor.navigator.SoundsPlayer.playNative(
            at com.mapfactor.navigator.RtgNav.jniUpdateGPSPosition(Native Method)
            at com.mapfactor.navigator.RtgNav.updateGPSPosition(
            at com.mapfactor.navigator.NavigatorApplication$1.onLocation(
            at com.mapfactor.navigator.gps.GPS2.fireLocation(
            at com.mapfactor.navigator.gps.GPS2.access$800(
            at com.mapfactor.navigator.gps.GPS2$

    Is it repeatable? Or it happened only just after you downloaded Russian sounds and now it works fine?
  • Yes, problem is with sound - with english sounds same route works fine. And it can stuck at half of phrase (such as 'in 300 meters ......."), and navigation stoped, restart navigation doesn't help - only restarting app.

    Yes, it is repeatable. So, Russian sounds steel doesn't work. Restarting, cleaning/re-downloading data doesn't help
  • Can you tell me departure & destination, if it is repeatable in simulation?

    It is saved route, that fails with rus lang, but works with eng

    Please tell me, if you didn't get enought information. Or tell me please, how to check all voice data to understand, which part is broken for me
  • Any news about my problem? Please tell me, if i can help you with resolving it

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