Unproper route from Makarska to Dubrovnik
  • Hi, I don't know why it is happening - tried to fix the OSM but didn't found the error.
    When you want to go from Makarska to Dubrovnik the route is calculated through Bosnia but not on the D8 road as it should be.
    Please see this issue. The calculated road is like twice longer than should be on D8.
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  • Similar thing when calculating the road to the Pula from Makarska. From Slavici to Gorenja Vas the highway is ignored. Looks like a bug or something. Also I don't know why it doesn't calculate smart roads, It always sticks to the fastest or the shortest and roughly accepts roads priories - this gives strange routes calculations.
  • The problem with Makarska-Dubrovnik is caused by changing borders. Border for Bosnia was generated from http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/relation/214908, which is no longer available. Backup was used but it is slightly shifted so the border points do not match [that's my current theory]. Croatia conversion failed (problem with water area) so the data are also from different "batches" ... I will investigate it more.
  • On Early Maps Access is now available bosnia_and_herzegovina_osm_130729.mca with new border relation. Now the countries "fit" and routing is on D8 as you would expect.
    thank you

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