Using command line argument configset
  • Hello,
    I am trying to start up Navigator (10 and 11) from command line with a different settings file (i.e. hide minimize icon, etc) but I type (as manual seems to indicate):

    PCNavigator.exe --configset=new_xml_setting_file

    and error message "Configuration not found in registry. Installation may be corrupt. Application will exit now." is displayed.

    So, what am I doing wrong? I've tried with absolute paths, relative, quotes...

    Besides, how can I edit default settings xml file? Cause I change default_settings.xml parameters with no result...

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  • Hello SEFOSA,
    parameter --configset refers to configuration in registry. In your case I would use --atlas instead and path to atlas_pcn.idc or atlas_pcn_free.idc, depending if you are using commercial or free version. Make a copy of atlas*.idc and modify it in your copy. Replace __USERPATH__\settings.xml to your alternative file.
    p.s. if you want to see changes in your default_settings.xml you have to delete settings.xml file first

  • Thank you!

    Just one more question, is it possible to disable the posibility to turn off the gps?

    I replace 'yes' with 'no' in the <turn_gps> within settings.xml in order to avoid such posibility, but after that app crashes when menu is clicked. With other menu items, this is working great.

    Best regards
  • Are you sure that your settings.xml is valid XML? I tried to use 'no' for "turn_gps" and it was ok (it just disappeared from main menu, as expected). Can you send me your settings.xml file?
  • Ok, this is the settings.xml that makes my installed application crash when menu is clicked. Just changing 'turn_gps' to 'yes', everything runs rightly.
  • which version of navigator do you use? I noticed settings_version 10009, which is not compatible with my 11.0.28 ...

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