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  • Hi,
    to make Navigator free more usefull I would like to suggest some features.
    Could it be possible to add places like isolated_dwelling, hamlet and village within a border to the street search.
    Postal code in germany is often part of the border relation. If this is the case, you can not find the address by entering the postal code.
    It would be nice to have a gpx export function for calculated routes.
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  • Hi rab,
    I will answer only the second point, regarding Postal codes in Germany. There is table in MCA files linking postal codes to streets. It could be that the geometry of given postal code is not valid or there is some other problem. Can you give me the code and street name for debugging?

  • ok,
    here are some examples:
    relation 215963 Haiger contains postal code 35708
    Also relation 958621 423194 .. and many more, addresses are only searchable by entering the city name
    what I meant with the first point is that many single houses like farms have no named street nearby.
    So there is no way to find them

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