Download maps to pc
  • Is there a place where I can DL maps (.mca files) to PC ?
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  • Correct answer :
    You have to install the version for PC and download it from there.
     Thanks anyway tomas
  • Okay, my question is very specific.

    First, I downloaded and installed Navigator from the Google Play Store to my DROID BIONIC RAZR on 8/31/13.
    I purchased a TomTom map from within the Android Navigator for the USA.

    My problem is that the download of the various maps using my 30Mbs WiFi connection is unacceptably & painfully slow. (Before anybody tries to diagnose this, do not bother, it is not being caused by my setup. Don't mean to be short, I just want to skip ALL first tier answers to save everybody's time)

    I want to download my already purchased, TomTom *.mca files to my PC and transfer them to my phone when done.

    I already have the PC version of Navigator installed, but it appears ther is no way to let it know that I have ALREADY PURCHASED the TomTom maps using the Android version of Navigator to my phone.

    To sum it up:
    1) I want to download .mca files that I have purchased (using the Android version of Navigator) to my PC without having to purchase them again.
    2) If possible, a direct download URL for these PURCHASED TomTom .mca files that could somehow verify my purchase would be nice.

    FYI, I download tons and tons of all sorts of files with my phone on this very WiFi at an average of 18 to 25Mbs. It seems that the server may be overloaded. 
  • @rwgdjcfp - you would need to transfer the product key from Android to Setup Utility which supports extended keys ... not trivial ... please send your order ID and used email address to and ask for download link (you can mention this forum as reference).
  • First I find the mca file on my device.
    It is in the Navigator/Data folder.
    In there are all of the mca files - poi's and maps.
    I copy them ALL to a folder on an SD card.
    This can be used to transfer them to a PC.
    Alternatively email them to yourself and save them from the email to your PC.

    I put just the maps and poi's in the Navigator/Data that I am using at the time.

    I use routeconverter ( free at ).
    With this you can convert almost any type of satnav file to any other but not mca !! So you can convert any poi files from your old satnav to use or download some new ones.

    I open any downloaded poi file with the routeconverter programe. 
    Then I save it as a kml file so that I can see my points in Google Earth.
    I also save it as a gpx file - this will be used to create an mca file later.
    I use PaintShopPro4 ( free at ) to create an icon 25 pixels square or convert a downloaded bmp icon into a png file.

    Then use Digger ( free at ) to combine the gpx file and png file to make your mca file.

    The new file can be transferred from pc to device by SD Card or email as mentioned above.

    TIP - if Digger isn't at the link because it has ben updated just google 'navfree digger' and you should find it.
    TIP - if the icon is too small to see on your device you can play with the image sizes just after you have chosen the icon file in Digger.

    NB these files ( POIs and MAPS ) CANNOT be used with the PC version of Navigator.
    I have yet to find out how to get my POIs into the PC version.

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