Alternate Routes?
  • Hi,

    After experimenting with Mapfactor Navigator Free, I decided to give the TomTom maps a go.  First route I planned came up more than a 1/2 hour longer than either Google Navigation or my wife's TomTom One.

    At a certain point on the route, Google and the TT turn off onto a two-lane highway that heads more-or-less straight north to our destination.  MFN keeps us on the expressway, which starts bearing NNW, at that point.  It takes us off the e'way, later on, at which point we have to come way back east--on the same kind of roads it skipped on the exit the others use.

    I cannot find a way to persuade MFN to use the other route.  After a couple hours messing with it and searching the web, I've come to ask for...


    Almost forgot: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, running JB 4.1.1

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  • Hi Jim, I see that maps are fine now :-)
    could you please provide departure and destination, we will investigate.
  • Departure: Clarkston, Michigan
    Destination: Mio, Michigan

    MFN takes one to I-75 exit 212, than back east to Michigan highway 33.  Google and my wife's TomTom exits at I-75 exit 202, which puts one on MI-33, straight off.


  • according to Navigator it is faster through exit 212 by some 3 minutes (5 miles longer)
    I will pass it on to our programers, they may explain it
  • Hi Tomas,

    Well, I would've done a comparison in Navigator, but I couldn't get Navigator to use an alternate route.

    Perhaps I should file a feature request?


  • I'm beginning to wonder if that $26 and change for the TomTom maps was a good investment.  Try mapping:

    Departure: Tahquamenon Falls, Michigan
    Destination: Grand Marais, Michigan

    in both the TomTom and the free map.  The TomTom map runs you all over Hell's half acre, whereas the free map takes you via a more straight-forward and 40 minute shorter route.

    Something a bit awry with this picture.

    N.B.: My wife allows as how her TTO does the same thing, which is why she always prints out Google mapping beforehand.


  • Hi Jim,
    can you tell me what is the speed limit (in reality) on I-75N from 202 exit? Is it 45mph? For M33 is set average speed to 28mph, which is probably too low?

    Regarding the "Tahquamenon Falls" I get very similar routes both for TT as OSM maps (even there is 11km difference which I do not see from the quick overview yet).

    thank you

  • I-75's speed limit would be 70 MPH.  28 MPH is not ever a speed limit anywhere in Michigan.  (At least nowhere I've ever been.)  They always go in 5 MPH increments.

    I can't find the speed limit for M33, but the default rural highway speed limit is 55 MPH.  They're generally no lower than 45 MPH.  They will be lowered through any cities, towns or villages--perhaps as low as 25 MPH.

    M33 does go through Rose City.  Could that 28 MPH be the average speed limit for the stretch between I-75 exit 202 and just south of Mio?  (That still seems low.)

    I got *completely* different routes between TT and OSM for Tahquamenon Falls -> Grand Marais.  The TT map had an itinerary as long as my arm.  It went in a nearly 270 arc, anti-clockwise, from roughly SSE out of TF, eventually looping around north, then west.  The OSM route did the same thing as Google maps: South -> West -> North -> West (IIRC).  Itinerary was about 4-6 items.

    Thanks for the follow-up, Martin.


  • Another data point: I changed to using the OSM map and had it route me from home to Mio (the route in the original question).  It chose M33 from exit 202 on I-75.

    I suppose the TT maps will be useful for street addresses, but I'm becoming disinclined to use them for routing between cities, that's for certain.


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