Proplem with fonts in Viet Nam map?
  • Some characters do not display correctly both on the map and in search menu, such as Hà Nội becomes Ha N i, Bà Triệu becomes Bà Tri u ....
    Please help me fix it. Thanks.
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  • Hello,
    I was just checking this issue yesterday (old bug report from bismuth - ). There are many others characters missing, most frequent Unicode characters from last Vietnam OSM conversion are:
        303x WARNING character 1ecb
        389x WARNING character 1ebf
        414x WARNING character 1ed3
        436x WARNING character 1ed9
        585x WARNING character 1ebb
        621x WARNING character 1ec7
        628x WARNING character 1ec5
        681x WARNING character 1edd
        764x WARNING character 1ea7
        811x WARNING character 1ed1
       1024x WARNING character 1ea1
    Is there any conversion table to ASCII characters available (collate table) somewhere?

    Edit: yes, there are, like
  • fixed to version 11.0.28 + new Vietnam OSM map 110923. Note that you must update both to see the changes/corrections. Please let me know if there is any problem.
    thank you
  • I don't know why I can't update to version 11.0.28, I used Navigator setup utility but the latest I could get is 11.0.25. Please check it, thank you
  • I've got the version 11.0.28. PPC version works correctly in search menu but on Viet Nam map some characters are not correct while  PC version is ok both on map and in search menu.

    It is very good anyway. Thank you very much.
  • Yes I got the new version too, confirmed that the font error was fixed, thanks a lot mdx :D
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