routing problems in Argentina
  • Since march 2013 using navigator v12.01. I mainly use it for position checking, as i still prefer route planning by paper maps.

    I found when i am driving on tarmac roads the routing is also automatic choosing tarmac roads only, sometimes taking a long route. When i get of the road the re routing automaticaly switches to less important or unpaved roads

    I am new to this forum and i hope i follow the corrrect procedure for posting this discussion.

    I would like to know if i can help updating data in the maps. For instance the names of streets in Mar del Plata are not updated, most of the streets are one way only and this is not up to date. this is essential for route planning!

    In Argentina it is prohibited to turn left on avenidas (two way streets in the citys) only on certain crosses of avenidas there are traffic lights designed for this left turn. Is it possible to make that as a rule? How can a user help updating maps?

    Some unpaved roads are not on the map or not complete. Can i use gps tracks for sending updates for roads like that?

    Noticed that the route planner sometimes takes strange routes, making a the trip 300 KM longer than needed.
    For instance from Mar del plata to san martin de los andes the route distance almost 1700KM
    the shortest route is via Bahia Blanca around 1423 KM

    Also on other routes from the south to mar del plata it seems that the program avoids passing bahia blanca making the route longer than needed.

    I have tried different setting but could not find another solution than placing a passing point in Bahia Blanca

    In Caleta Olivia i can not plan a route north along the coast on RN3 it looks like there is a blocked road just outside the town but i can not see that.

    I have tried to enter screenshots in this post but it is not accepted. is there a way to do that, it might make things clearer to explain

    Thnks, Kees

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  • hi kees,

    sure you can help with updating the map data - everyone can become a contributor to openstreetmap. i suggest you start at, there's also a country-specific mailing list:

    for general help you can browse the abovementioned osm wiki or place questions on irc. my personal recommendation is to get familiar with josm - java openstreetmap editor. it maybe has a bit steeper learning curve but you won't regret it especially once you find yourself a bit addicted with map editing :-)

    just to remind you: copying from commercial sources (including google maps aerial/satellites images) is PROHIBITED!


  • Thanks for your reply Jose,
    I checked the sites and saved info from This will give me some sources for studying for the coming months i think? I will see how much my slow and rusty harddrive between the ears can handle!

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