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  • hello mapfactor team,

    would it be possible for you to direct people complaining (via google play store) about quality of the maps to local slovak/czech community sites rather than just many of them do not speak english or do not want to and it would be a pity to miss what they have to say/report. also, i think that some of waze-like features would be extremely helpful - e. g. request update (missing feature), incorrect data (reversed oneway, unconnected way), popular place (site with many popular points will be treated with higher priority when considering place for mapping party), etc. - with option to just collect data and send them once wifi connection is available.

    pleas let me know what you think.


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  • Hi Jose,
    I expected that Tomas will comment this - can you specify which URL would you mention? It is clear for example for Germany ( but I am not quite sure about Czech/Slovak version.

    The second part will be probably harder. At the moment you can record your route (NMEA, soon GPX), and mark your favourites (text file favourites.xml) which you could later process when you are online.

  • hi martin,

    for MF users in slovakia i think pointing to is by far more useful because:
    - it's written in slovak
    - contains useful information and links to subpages
    - encourages user to join discussion/mailing list - noncoordinated mapping effort could be really damaging if a user is novice

    for czech.. maybe

    for the 2nd part - it's nice to have this but i see this as a kind of a workaround. ideally user would just tap the screen, choose what kind of issue ("favourite") that is and worry no more (as the app would upload the information automatically on the background). but i understand it's quite a complex task to add such feature.

    all the best,


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