bluetooth GPS GRB-288 not recognized in Navigator 12 free
  • i try to use bluetooth GPS GRB-288 with Navigator 12 free on pc and iPaq 3970 with Pocket PC 2003 but it is not possible to connect serial port on bluetooth. can anybody advice me what to do?
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  • if you know the com port, you can edit settings.xml as follows

    you may need to change it according to your port...
  • thank you, bt uses port 4 but in ppc2003 have bt port 5/8


  • sorry, I do not understand, just amend that section as you need
  • Hallo tomas,

    on my windows 8 netbook i installed Navigator 12.1.10 free and it works
    very fine, but i want to use a bluetooth gps Navilock bt-399.
    i cannot find the "setting.xml" only default_setting.xml and default_settings.xml
    please tell me which file i needed to insert the com port.

    many thanks
  • settings.xml will be created when you run Navigator for the first time out of deafult_settings.xml
    so, you can change default_settings.xml, it will be more permanent
  • Hallo tomas,

    many thanks for Your help, the connect to Navilock works,
    now I can navigating with my Netbook again,


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