TAG "turn:lanes:backward" not supported?
  • Hi,

    I'm using Navigator Free with the OpenStreetMaps (OSM) on my Android Phone. On a lot of junctions in OSM there are TAGs like "turn:lanes:forward" with values like "through|right" or something like that. If you are navigating on such a junction, Navigator Free shows a small symbol where you can see, which lane you shoud take. But mostly on the same junction the street is going always in the same direction. This means if you navigate from the other side to the junction, in OSM the TAG is "turn:lanes:backward". But in this direction Navigator Free is showing nothing. A workaround would be to turn the directions of the streets in OSM so that they all point to the center of the junction. But we don't map for the renderer (or navigation apps) ;-)
    So can you check this issue and fix it?
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  • Hi neuberi,
    you can have a look at how-to-make-turn-lanes-in-osm-appear-in-mapfactor-free ... what you see now is only the first experiment.
  • Thank you Martin,

    as far as I understand the long discussion, turn:lanes:backward is not supported yet, but because it's only in experimental state, it will be added later for sure. Right?

    Best regards
  • Right, but at the moment I cannot promise when ... :(

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