Searching by address on Canadian map
  • When I enter an address (like 134 Elm Drive) in the Canadian OSM map of Navigator Free, it does not recognize it.  It only seems to recognize cross streets.  Is this the case with all world maps?

    Could I search using addresses as above if I buy the TomTom maps available for Navigator?
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  • Hi zoli_s,
    you can search by street number in both, free and commercial maps, problem is that house numbers are frequently missing in free maps.
    If you give me a few examples (including town), I will check for you.
  • Hi, same problem on android app. Buildings numbers exists at, but I don't see them on my phone and can't use them for search. Using Ukraine map, Kharkov.
  • I think this is because numbers have no link to any street, but full anwer can give mdx, who is on holiday this week
  • Hi blow,
    I randomly downloaded part of Kharkov ("Universytetska Street", Way id=188636046) and there are numbers as part of the building and they are linked to the street via relation (for example ). This is not implemented in the conversion yet. Moreover note, that in June 2013 there were other problems with Ukraine conversion, so there is no June update yet. Hopefully both issues will be fixed soon.
    thank you
  • One problem with conversion was fixed, so now you can see Ukraine OSM on update (from June 2013 planet). The second issue are actually two: processing of relation type=street with role=house and role=street, and collecting houses described as way without addr:street. The data will be collected from July 2013 planet, so you may expect two updates for Ukraine OSM map (if everything will go well).
  • FYI on Early Maps Access is now available ukraine_osm_130729.mca, where at least IHN (Irregular House Numbers) in relations are fixed now. Combination with house interpolation with relations is currently "in progress".
  • Thank you! I'll try this maps and will post here if found any problems more

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