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  • Hi all,

    to import a GPX-file doesn't work anymore at my tablet. :-(

    I created the GPX with Routeconverter as a GPX1.1 and also as 1.0 file. When I send it to my tablet voa Telegram and tap to the file, the import window opens and the file is marked. Then I tap on "Import" and the file is stoired in the GPS-Record folder.

    It also works to show the route in the map, but I can't start a navigation. I'm also not able to bring this route to the Route folder.

    The strange thing is, that it already works in that way a few weeks ago. - What can I do?

    Tomas, maybe you have any idea? ( maybe I can send you the file for testing?)

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  • Additionally a supplement:

    The import works as described at

    However, I can't get any further. I get the GPX file displayed under the GPS tab, but how do I start the navigation with these waypoints?

    The older GPX files that I imported a few weeks ago are under the centre tab ( ._. ) I just need to tap on them. Unfortunately, this is not possible from the GPS folder, where I only have these points:

    - Show on map
    - Replay
    - Rename
    - Delete
    - Delete All
    - Share
    - Save as
    - Show Info

    How do I get on from here?

    Best regards

  • 1000 times SORRY ! 

    Now it works! I think it was a problem with the GPX-File... With a GPX-file created with routeconverters command line version it works perfekt!

    Best regards

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