Can't make a route in France, why??
  • I try to make a route :
    From Bordeaux to Soulac-sur-Mer. 
    V 23.0.0, default settings. 
    All france OSM maps are there.

    It will not make a route, does somebody know why???
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  • please provide departure and destination in coordinates, then we can check
  • with default car settings I have no problem finding route
    please check your vehicle settings
  • I think I found something important. I try to explane: I was using truck_restrictions, default and personalized, but the were "old". Created serval versions ago. Every update, the truck_restrictions file remain.  With the old truck_restrictions file V23.0.00.1 could not create a route. Now I made new vehicles and put in manuelly all the parameters form the old personalized vehicles I had. Now V23.0.00.1 can create a route. So if someone have (routing) problems: create new vehicles! Do not use old (backup) truck_restrictions. (When I open the truck_restrictions file and look at it I can not see any reason for this)

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