No directory provider on my head unit - besy way to mirror data from phone?
  • Hello everyone

    I run into an issue that hinders me from efficiently using Navigator on my car head unit. It is a Chinese aftermarket android device with regular updates, but practically with no support, so no channel for bug reports or feature requests. Particularly, it has no directory provider / content provider, so I can't choose a custom location for backups to restore a backup from my phone.
    I know, I can use Navigator through Android Auto. The thing is, AA works not 100% reliable on my head unit, and that's the exact reason I plan mirroring navigator, as primary offline navigator.

    Earlier (I assume before those Android restrictions) things were easy, one copied stuff into the proper directory and things started just work afterwards.
    Setting a custom backup location would be the way to pinpoint a directory accessible for peasants regular users. Unfortunately I have no content provider to do so, as mentioned above.

    I think I can get write (root?) access for the head unit. So possibly I can hack things through ADB connection. Even if it works it is unconvenient, I need my laptop for that.

    My questions:
    - Is there a better way for mirroring? (Online?)
    - Is there a settings file to edit maybe? (Well, .xml. I don't think I would hack an sqlite database for example.)

    Related feature request:
    An advanced option to manually provide local backup folder path.

    Thank you in advance

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