Import Geojson favorites
  • Hi all,

    I need to import a number of favorites I could export from another GPS app in geojson format.

    While I could find a "mapfactor to json" solution, which would be the reverse operation, can anyone here point me to some way to do it?
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  • you can import your POIs using this PC tool:
    then you import .mca files to Navigator

    this will create extra layer, it will not be in favourites
  • Thanks @tomas. is for windows, I'm running Ubuntu (Linux).

    My bad, I've been asking too soon since there is a geojson to MapFactor converter too, and I think I should be able to convert the favorites with it.

    I'll let you know.
  • I works, but all the favourites (with a U) are named WPTnnn which is not very explicit.

    As I can see this is not due to the import but the export. :-S
  • Sorted out! :)>-

    Fortunately I had not too much favoUrites to import... For anyone who'd be in the same situation, here's what I had to do to be able to import previously exported favourites in geojson format (Here wego to name it).
    After "sharing" the favorites from the GPS app in geojson format, open the file in your preferred text editor and add in each "properties" section of each line: "Name":"the favorite name".

    For instance:
    "properties":{"Name":"Mickey Mouse","Collection Name":"Friends","Collection Id":...

    Then convert the geojson file to the MapFactor xml file using this online converter.

    You should then be able to download an xml file you'll rename to favourites.xml and move to the location you chose in the advanced/export section of your MapFactor settings.

    Last thing to do is now to "restore" (you'll have to do a backup before) the newly created favourites.xml file.

    Should be OK. This has worked fine for me (apart I lost the groups, but it's acceptable for me).

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